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Ep 1 – What If This Was Your Final Year to Live with Fernando & Elizabeth Flores

Updated: May 14, 2020

What If This Was Your Final Year to Live with Fernando & Elizabeth Flores

Guests: Fernando & Elizabeth Flores

What happens if you start approaching your relationships and life like this is your final year to live? In this episode we sit down with Fernando & Elizabeth Flores and we discuss a meditation practice they did that completely shifted everything in their life.

So, Sam and Paddy got a call last year to speak at a conference in San Francisco for this year and they had a call with the leader of the conference and founder of the organization called iMater Now, Fernando. They both really liked the guy and what he’s putting out in the world and they offered to have him and his wife on our podcast….this was back when they were still doing their Doggy Style podcast and only interviewing happy couples.

But with the new format and The Not So Perfect Couple podcast where they primarily interviewing experts and then doing solo episodes, they were a little worried if this was going to fit. But WOW! After the first five minutes I fell in love with this couple. They have great stories and great advice about dealing with difficult emotions and communication.

Fernando is an attorney turned author, podcaster, speaker and founder of iMater Now, an organization working to help attorneys and professionals live healthier and happier lives. They are hosting a live event in San Francisco August 17th and we’re honored to be speaking there! Elizabeth is a PhD candidate at University of California Davis and has a couple of entrepreneurial projects in the works we’ll hear about.

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