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Ep 11 – A World as Two Dads Who Have Three Daughters with Nick He

Updated: May 14, 2020

A World as Two Dads Who Have Three Daughters with Nick He

Guest: Nick He

Nick He is the Author of “Two Dads and Three Girls.” 100% made in China, Nick was shipped to Durham, NC for his MBA at Duke in 2007. He has over 10 years experience in SAP, McKinsey, and Microsoft.

In 2016, when their first daughter just turned one and their surrogate were pregnant with twin daughters, Nick quitted his job at Microsoft and devoted to real estate while raising his family with three girls. He is running two companies today. A real estate sales business, that is top 1% agent in Washington state by sales volume. A property management business that manages over $200M assets.

Nick is officially the first person to represent a gay relationships on the show. Sam and Paddy are excited, but as Paddy says “they’re just good people…any who”

Sam and Paddy think that this is one of the most touching interviews they’ve ever had on the show. They navigate the beautiful journey Nick had to go through, growing up in China as a gay man and what it was like to come to America and find his husband.

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