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Ep 14 – Loving Through Losing with Molly & Vic Jackson

Updated: May 14, 2020

Loving Through Losing with Molly & Vic Jackson

Guests: Molly & Vic Jackson

Although this week’s guests, Molly & Vic Jackson are hilarious…this is a serious topic that Patrick and Sam talk about. This is the loss of their 2 year old daughter and how they’ve been able to navigate it as a couple. How did they grieve? How were they able to lift each other up?

Molly and Sam originally met at toastmasters and after her first meeting, she knew they’d hit it off! From being funny, sweet, and spunky it’s a match made in heaven. The interesting part of this couple (Molly & Vic) is that they are NOT the match made in heaven. They are polar opposites, as a matter of fact, when they first met Molly had NO interest.

This episode is a rollercoaster full of emotions but it’s important for everyone to hear. Even if you haven’t lost a child, you’ll learn so many things from this amazing couple.

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