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Ep 21 – Tantra and Not Defining an Orgasm with Alexandra Miu

Updated: May 14, 2020

Tantra and Not Defining an Orgasm with Alexandra Miu

Guest: Alexandra Miu

This week Sam and Paddy sit down with Alexandra Miu. They discuss tantra, different forms of sex, orgasms, and so much more including how to reclaim your inner power in relationships. Both Sam and Patrick discuss their ventures into this world and how they’ve navigated almost without trying.

Alexandra Miu, like many out there, has experienced abuse, trauma, pain and failures. She grew up feeling insecure, kind of a nerdy kid in a village in Romania. Feeling like she had to always prove herself. And that took a huge toll on her confidence and self-esteem.

Family life was in turmoil, and after a failed marriage at the age of 25, after a divorce, she realized she turned into a scared adult who never felt good enough. Who had a less than healthy relationship with men and felt numb in her own body. But she had this inner knowing that she has something to offer. Something bigger than herself that she had to share.

Working through past conditioning, with years and years of deep-seated insecurities and pain, it wasn’t a walk in the park. But she knew that in order to experience pleasure and a remarkable life, she had to first go through pain.

So now she empowers others to reclaim their inner power. To honour themselves and break free of any limitation and to tap into their most powerful energy – their life force aka their sexual energy.

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