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Ep 34 – Creating More Intimacy No Matter What with Lindon and Cassie Crow

Updated: May 14, 2020

Creating More Intimacy No Matter What with Lindon and Cassie Crow

Guests: Lindon and Cassie Crow

On this weeks episode of the Not So Perfect Couple Podcast Sam and Paddy sit-down with their “soul mate couple” and they talk creating intimacy in your relationship, overcoming your insecurities, and growing closer when the world is trying to tear you apart.

Lindon and Cassie have a pretty ordinary love story. They met at work, became best friends, then one of them surprisingly revealed they were in love with the other, they were engaged 5 months later and have been married for six years. However, their life has been any thing but ordinary. They own a personal development company in California, they are constantly looking for ways to overcome their unconscious protective strategies to create more intimacy in their lives together and two years ago their first son was born still. The trauma of losing their first baby has made creating a loving intimate relationship challenging but it is also because of their dedication to the love they have for their baby and each other that they embrace the challenge and use it to shape them in becoming even stronger together and as individuals. The fear and the hurt that they feel only serves as the diving board they use to dive into questioning everything that separates them from each other.

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