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Ep 5 – Exploration of Couple’s Sexual Desire with Dr. Amy Muise

Updated: May 14, 2020

Exploration of Couple’s Sexual Desire with Dr. Amy Muise

Guest: Dr. Amy Muise

Dr. Amy Muise’s research focuses on understanding how couples can maintain happier relationships and have more fulfilling sex lives over time. She uses dyadic and longitudinal research methods and analyses (i.e., daily experience studies, multi-level modeling) to understand how sexual processes unfold to impact relationship well-being in the context of couples’ daily lives as well as over the course of time as relationships grow and develop.

Dr. Muise is interested in understanding these processes not only when couples are doing well, but also when they are navigating relationship transitions, such as the transition to parenthood, or coping with a clinical sexual issue, such as low sexual desire.

Sam is a super fan of their guest Dr. Amy Muise …. As they are working on the second edition of our book Bigger Love, Sam’s been getting really into not just what people say about relationships but the people who are studying them with science. Dr. Amy Muise is one of her new go-to experts. She runs the Sexual Health & Relationships Lab (aka the SHaRe lab) where they focus on research relating to sex and happiness in long-term romantic relationships.

Dr. Amy is a renowned social psychologist whose CV – that’s what they call a resume in most other parts of the world – it is 35 pages long highlighting all of the publications and awards and publicity she’s received for her research including The Today Show, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine.

What she is sharing with Sam and Paddy today isn’t just her experience or her opinion … which if you dig deep on many, many books and podcasts regarding relationships are simply someone’s opinion or experience … but on scientific studies and actual evidence.

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