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Ep 52 – Staying Healthy During Quarantine with Csilla Veress ND, LAc

Updated: May 14, 2020

Guests: Csilla Vers ND, LAc

This week the Not So Perfect Couple sits down with their friend Csilla Veress. This conversation couldn’t come at a more perfect time, since we are all trying to keep ourselves healthy. You’ll love this conversation they have.

Csilla Veress ND, LAc, is primary care doctor currently practicing at TrueNorth Health Center, in Santa Rosa, CA. The focus of her practice and outreach is to educate and inspire individuals to reach their highest potential, through helping them achieve optimal health, combining nutrition and lifestyle medicine. 

Dr. Veress regularly lectures at TrueNorth Health, hospitals, colleges and corporation events, on the impact of whole food, plant based nutrition, water fasting and lifestyle modification in preventing

and treating chronic illness. 

Dr. Veress is a contributing writer for NPLEX, helping elevate excellence for ND board examinations. She is an author of the sleep module component of The lifestyle Medicine Core curriculum offered by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine   She has also written several articles for Health Science Magazine and has been featured on various podcasts.

Find her at

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