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Ep 64 – Crucial Conversations with Joseph Granny

Guest: Joseph Granny

The Not So Perfect Couple are back...and this week, they sit down with one of their favorite authors, Joseph Grenny.

If you guys have listened to any of the other episodes, you know Sam and Paddy often talk about Joseph and his books, and how much they are great teachers for relationships and parenting...even though they are meant to be business books. Well, in this conversation, you'll see why!

Joseph Grenny is a four-time New York Times bestselling author, dynamic keynote speaker, and leading social scientist for business performance. Over the past thirty years, Joseph has delivered engaging keynotes at major conferences including the HSM World Business Forum at Radio City Music Hall. Joseph’s work has been translated into 28 languages, is available in 36 countries, and has generated results for 300 of the Fortune 500. 

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